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Virtual Photo Booth

Celebrate From Anywhere!

A Virtual Booth allows guests who to take part in the Photo Booth experience from any device! 

  • Works on any device with a mobile browser!

  • No App Install Required

  • Photos, Gifs, Boomerangs & Video

  • Background Removal

  • Digital Props

  • Instant Download

  • Create Campaign 

  • Live Gallery Available

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Why a Virtual Photo Booth?

A virtual Photo Booth allows guests who weren't able to make it to your event to be part of the memories. Guests can take photos, boomerangs and gifs. It also allows for them to take video to leave a recorded message on your big day!


How does a Virtual Photo Booth work?

You will be provided with a photo booth link before your event. You can share this with your friends, family, or anyone that you would like. That link will take them to your Virtual Photo Booth event. As they take pictures, they will be added directly into the gallery. You can make the link public or private so that only you can see it. The link works on any tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Try it out here!

Can guests use props?

Yes! We have virtual props ready to use for the photo booth, and there is also filter overlays so that guests can be silly and take multiple photo! 

What else comes with the Virtual Photo Booth?

Our Virtual Photo Booth includes Background Removal. After they take their photo, our software removes the background and replaces it with backgrounds that match your event. We can set up multiple backdrops or simply one. We also have overlays to make your virtual photo booth unique to your event, and we can add hashtags, logos, and monograms!

How much is the Virtual Photo Booth?

Our virtual photo booth is included with all our photo booth packages. If you are having an All Virtual Event and need only a Virtual Photo Booth, reach out to us and we can put together the RIGHT Virtual Booth for you!

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