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Image by Charisse Kenion

Our Five Favorite Bridal Show Vendors 

This past weekend we took a trip to South Fork Ranch, the famous DFW Landmark from the popular show Dallas, to stop by the Dallas Bridal Show. There were many great vendors and we're excited for the events coming this summer!


Avalon Legacy Ranch - Venue

Avalon Legacy Ranch had the best booth experience for a vendor at the Bridal Show. For a venue offering an elevated experience, I felt they were delivering that from the very beginning. First impressions are important and Avalon Legacy Ranch delivered a great first impression to many future brides. Their setup did not look like an expo booth, but it looked like part of their venue. Complete with multiple picture books so various guests can see without causing a long line, plenty of seating area, experts at the scene and more.


They had stunning photos and videos of their venue and events, as well as provide multiple options for people to take the time to look at what they had to offer. They offer not only a venue that can accommodate up to 200 people at their 6,000 Sq. Ft. Venue with Fabulous Decor, but they also offer small elopements and micro weddings for those looking for a beautiful venue but don't want a giant event.


While we haven't been at this venue in person, we are looking forward to seeing it at their Sip and See Open House on Sunday, May 16th. For more information, visit 

Matt's Rancho Martinez.png

Matt's Rancho Martinez - Catering

Our favorite food vendor was a Matt's Rancho Martinez. The people working the booth were very nice and their presentation was a nice display of how they could quickly and efficiently feed many people at an event in a short amount of time.  Even with just two people working, there was hardly any wait even though there were many people in line. And not only were they able to serve quickly, but the food was DELICIOUS! We got to try a Fajita Taco and the Chips & Cheese.


The food was fresh, tender, and very tasty. Their catering menu is simple yet diverse, and the fees associated with catering are very low. They also have the option of providing a full service. 


For information about their catering, call 972-533-5346


Pyrotex - Fire Works

For those looking to end their night with a BANG, we highly recommend Pyrotex. They offer indoor and outdoor pyrotechnics and had amazing video and photos of their pyro-art. They didn't just show us that they could do fire works, but they showed us what kind of magic they could bring to events!


They have been in business since 1979 and are trusted by Fire Marshalls all around the metroplex. If fire works are a must have, Pyrotex is a must call! They will not only show you what they can do for your wedding, they can also help you find the right venue for you with their list of venues they've worked with.


For more information, visit


HD Liquid Catering - Bar Services

One of the nicest presentations at the Bridal Show was HD Liquid Catering. They had a very beautiful display of how one of their many bar options, as well as provided a very useful Preferred Venue's List giving name, location, and capacity of each venue. Their beautiful champagne wall they used as decor was very eye catching and turned many heads. 

For more information, visit

Big d.png

Big D Party Rentals - Event Rentals

One of our favorite vendors at the Bridal Show was Big D Rentals. They showed a beautiful table display and had multiple examples of how they can elevate your event. Not only did they have a nice setup at the Bridal Show, they also provided display pieces for other venues at the show. We enjoyed seeing what they had to offer not just at their booth, but at others as well. That let us know that they were a very trustworthy company and can truly make any wedding stand out!

For more information, visit

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